7 of the Best Photo Editing Apps for Business Owners

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what do your business’ pictures say about your company? Do your photos tell your story and help to create emotional connections with potential clients? Are your images Instagram worthy? If they aren’t, it might be time to step-up your photography game.

We all know that visual content that can tell a brand’s story is a vital element of a successful business’ marketing strategy, and most companies will need a steady supply of new images every week to meet the needs of a variety of social media platforms, blogs, and websites.

Hiring a professional photographer for weekly branded photoshoots can be expensive, so how can you get professional-looking images that are on brand and send the right messages to your current and potential clients without spending your entire marketing budget? You take advantage of the camera on your mobile device and find a great photo editing app to help you out!

We’ve compiled a list of seven of our favorite user-friendly and budget-friendly photo editing apps perfect for business owners looking to create high-quality visual content for marketing their company while on the go.


  • Free iOS and Android Photo Editing.
  • A professional photo editor created by Google, Snapseed has a large number of great editing tools for beginner and more advanced photographers alike.

Adobe Lightroom 

  • Free Version iOS, Android, and Desktop Camera and Photo Editing.
  • Allows for more advanced photography and photo editing on mobile devices.

Adobe Photoshop Express 

  • Free Version iOS, Android, and Desktop Photo Editing.
  • Easy and quick editing and sharing of photos.


  • Paid iOS and Android Camera and Photo Editing
  • Fast, stackable filters, reusable recipes, easy sharing.


  • Free Version iOS and Android Photo and Video Editing.
  • The free version has basic presets and editing tools and is very popular right now with the VSCO girls trend. (Read more about that here.)


  • Free Version iOS Beauty Camera and Photo Editing
  • Perfect for selfies and portrait editing, Facetune allows for edits, changes in lighting and backgrounds, as well as fun filters and effects.


  • Free Version iOS Camera and Photo Editor.
  • Mimics DSLR style photography and allows for editing, changes in focus after the image is taken, and more.

Do you have another photo editing app that you love to use?  Tell us about it in the comments!

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