We’d like to introduce you to our new baby, Niche Marketing Company, Inc. We formed this company to serve the small business owner and provide them with a method to implement a marketing process for their businesses on a planned and consistent basis. Through our combined 42+ years of marketing experience, we see a huge need in this area, as well as a large deficit of options for small business owners, and have decided to do something about it.

As independent business owners of Niche Graphic Design and Benchmark Administrative Support Services, Inc., we were collaborating on marketing projects for almost two years and decided to combine forces and offer an expanded array of marketing experience and services to our clients under one roof. Today, all of our marketing projects are performed by Niche Marketing Company, Inc.

Our Mission

  • Enable business owners to market their business through a systemized implement ongoing consistent marketing that fits their business.
  • Build stronger small businesses through basic marketing implementation.
  • Support small business growth through implementation of ongoing consistent marketing.


Our Offerings

We are offering a comprehensive, yet select group of services targeted to small business owners that will provide them with all of the basic marketing elements they should have to effectively market their businesses. We give business owners a way to get it done. By offering an assortment of scalable package configurations and additional services, our clients can tailor their marketing strategy and implementation process to the right set of tools that work best for their business, goals, and budget. We organize and simplify the process to make it more digestible to the business owner and collaborate with them throughout the whole implementation process. Our process is a hands-on, roll-up-your-sleeves course of action that helps our clients guide and be involved in their marketing process, but delegate the work to us so that we can use our experience and expertise to actually carry out the implementation process.