The Challenge

This established, then ten-year-old pet services business had aggressive plans for growth.  A new marketing mix and branding update was needed to refresh their existing marketing channels through consistent application of creative marketing campaigns that would engage customers and build those relationships for long-term client retention.  The mix also needed to include new channels that would create awareness in the Baltimore metropolitan area and introduce new prospects to this business.

Grow website traffic

This client had aggressive plans for growth. One of their main goals was to increase their website traffic to drive new customer acquisition and increase revinue.

Niche Traffic Graph

Increase revenue

This client was looking to use strategic inbound marketing efforts to help increase the revenue generated from current and new clients.

Niche Growth Chart
Niche Team Process

The Process

  • Create a new brand and consistently apply it throughout a new logo, website, marketing collateral, campaigns, and channels
  • Develop a brand voice and improve messaging around value props to expand target demographic and acquire new customers
  • Activate and grow previously underutilized email list using weekly email campaigns with rich, informative content
  • Organic social posting focused on messaging, increasing community engagement, and custom creative assets
  • Develop new, creative marketing campaigns focused on the areas of growth and consistently implement them across all channels
  • Develop and utilize consistent digital marketing and a variety of long-term digital display ad campaigns to consistently target lookalike customers, competition, and customers searching for the services provided by the client

Niche Marketing Services Provided

  • Marketing and Business Consulting

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Website Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Content Creation

  • Social Media Management

  • Email Marketing

  • Digital and Traditional Advertising

Niche Results Pup


Following our strategy, Niche was able to help this client increase website traffic by 54% year over year and increasing their email subscribers by 34%, leading to a 24% increase in new customers year over year, and a 19% increase in revenue year over year.  In addition, by managing their social channels, Niche was able to help them increase their reach on Facebook by 74%, improve engagement by 66%, and increase the number of shares their posts received by 485%.


Website Traffic Increase

This client saw a 54% increase in their website traffic year over year.


Increase in New Clients

This client saw a 24% increase in new clients, year over year.


Revinue Increase

This client was able to increase their revenue by 19% year over year.


Increase in Reach

Niche helped this client increase their Facebook reach by 74% year over year.


Increase in Engagement

Niche helped this client increase their follower engagement on Facebook by 66% year over year.


Increase in Shares

Niche helped this client create creative social content which resulted in a 485% increase in post shares year over year.

“Marketing is not the art of finding clever ways to dispose of what you make.  It is the art of creating genuine customer value.”

Phillip Kotler

Professor Emeritus of Marketing at the Kellog School of Management

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